Univers Modeler: 'RTL to fast SystemC model' Generator

General Description

Univers Modeler compiles a hardware design description to a fast simulation model in SystemC. The source code of the hardware block is written in the Register Transfer Level of a hardware description languages, which gets compiled into a fast native simulation model and wrapped with a SystemC interface.

For IP protection, there is an option to create a fully encrypted model. Regarding the internal and external signals you can choose anything in the range from a black box model to a white box model. A black box model protects all internal signals. Within a white box model you can bring some internal signals up to the top-level to be viewed within SystemC. It is also possible to view all internal signals through the GUI of other Univers products.



Ultra fast Native Compiled VHDL simulation
Cycle-based technology and 2-state logic models
Interface support through SystemC
Encrypted models for IP protection
Internal signal visibility is under full control of the person creating the IP model

More info

The datasheet in PDF format contains more information about this product, the datasheets are located on our download area. To go to the download area, click here.

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